Military Stone Rings For Every Branch

December 27, 2013

military-class-ringsRings may symbolize many things, such as a commitment or a mark of accomplishment. Military stone rings especially communicate an act of committed service and accomplishment to the efforts of defending our great nation. We all probably know and love someone who has dedicated his or her life to our military efforts. Military stone rings can be given to acknowledge their dedication. Branches within the Military include:

  • Air Force: defending our homeland within the nation and abroad through the use of air power.

  • Army: Protects the security and the resources of the U.S. The U.S. Army is the oldest branch of military.

  • Coast Guard: Protects the waterways of the nation’s borders and joins with the Navy in active defense during wartime.

  • Marine Corps: Often is the first to touch ground in combat situations.

  • Merchant Marine: civilian-owned merchant vessels that are either operated privately or by the government. May assist in transporting cargo during peacetime or assist the Navy during wartime.

  • Navy: Defends the nations right to trade and travel on the world’s oceans while protecting our international interests.

All military branches work hard to protect our nation from all potential threats and through the gift of a stone ring, a small token of gratitude may be shown for all their sacrifice.

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