Choosing Class Ring Stones

February 5, 2014

Graduation season is one where the family celebrates the academic achievements of their loved one and it is the perfect time to choose among the many class ring stones. There are many different class ring stones that will be as unique and special to the individual as the memory of their graduation.  A few things you should consider when choosing the stone, is the size, shape and color.


Size: There are different sizes of stones depending on the specific size of the ring you will be choosing. Even with a large ring you may choose to have a smaller stone in order to make room for other engravings and customized features. Most likely, however, class ring stones are the focal point and their size will nicely correspond with the size of the ring itself, the width and height of the band.


Shape: Class ring stones come in different shapes as well. You may choose from oval, square, or have a customized shape for class rings that resemble fine jewelry more than what is normally thought of when thinking of a class ring. The shape of the ring can be cut as you would prefer and find best in the overall look of the ring. There are common cuts to the gems, but also flexibility when you are having your ring customized.


Color: Class ring stones come in many different colors to suit the individual preference. You may opt for a gem that is your birthstone, the school colors, or a separate meaningful color. The choice is yours. The color of the stone is what will stand out the most at first glance. The color of the class ring stone will be a meaningful way to draw attention to the ring and all the many accomplishments represented on it.

Graduation season is the best time to celebrate the moment but also have a meaningful token such as a class ring to take with you into the future, reminding you that with hard work and discipline, goals can be reached.

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